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Radiator & Engine Cooling System

Most people know what a radiator is or at least what one looks like. But, there is a little more to the cooling system than just that one part. Your engine cooling system is a very important detail. Without it working properly, this one could cost you a lot. Overheating your engine leads to blown head gaskets, or warped cylinder heads altogether! It could also weaken parts inside the block that can result in complete engine failure.

Cooling system issues could include a variety of things to look for. A clogged coolant hose, a radiator fan that stopped working properly, a seized water pump, or just a simple leak can trigger a system malfunction that could end in engine replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge if you have one. If you hear a bubbling sound when exiting the vehicle, you may want to have that checked out. Also, if you see steam coming from under the hood of your vehicle…that will need attention right a way! A good way to save money on repairs is get ti fixed before the problems compound themselves.