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Fuel Systems

Nowadays, environmentally conscious drivers have large number of energy efficient vehicles to choose from, and deciding on the right one is often difficult. Choosing the right repair shop shouldn’t be. We are proud to offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for energy-efficient vehicles all over the greater Brooksville and Springhill area.

The fuel system in your vehicle is responsible for carrying the fuel from the tank to the engine. Your vehicle demands an efficient fuel system for the engine to work properly. The fuel system of your vehicle includes the fuel tank, fuel lines, filter, pump, and injector or carburetor. If just one of those components fails, it will cause the entire fuel system to fail.

Most often, these issues can be traced back to contaminants in the fuel that eventually clog critical components including strainers, filters and the fuel pump itself. Sometimes it is an electrical issue that causes the pump to fail…and when there is no power to the pump, you will be on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.

Let the experts at A & G Auto Service and Repair troubleshoot your fuel system issues. If you smell fuel after driving the vehicle, it’s a good idea to have someone qualified look at it. Let us be that someone for you.

Preventative Maintenance

One commonly recommended service here at A&G is a complete fuel injector and system cleaning. A fuel system cleaning will not only help to improve gas mileage, but help clear the filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors from debris and dirt that can harm your engine. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations and let us get your fuel system cleaned today!