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Exhaust and Muffler Services

Your Exhaust system has a few components that make up the entire system.  The system starts at the engine block’s exhaust ports.  You will either have exhaust manifolds or header pipes connecting the engine block to the rest of the system through a series of pipes and sensors.  The entire system should be closed and hung to the frame of the vehicle by hangers. 

Newer vehicles all come with catalytic converters.  This unit has a specific job besides the emission control feature.  Most vehicles require a certain amount of back-pressure in order to function properly.  The catalytic converter does this. 

The muffler also adds some back-pressure as well, but it has another job as well.  Inside of a muffler are a set of tubes that will reduce the noise levels of the engine running.  The reason racing cars are so loud is because they are designed to run without mufflers.  If your car is starting to sound like a racing car, you need to see us about exhaust work.