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Engine Repair and Replacement

One question that comes to mind, whenever the choices are to repair or to replace an engine, is the cost?  Is it cheaper to fix the problem or should I replace it with another one, or replace the vehicle all together?  The answer will depend entirely on you.  There are benefits in either direction.  However, if you decide to repair, consider that the problem has been going on for a while…long enough to have weakened other parts inside of your engine.  Engine Repair can become costly as the parts needed for a good repair add up.  Sometimes a replacement engine is a better solution, and a cheaper one.

What are My Options?

If you are reading this, all hope isn’t lost for your vehicle yet.  Sometimes the problem is obvious, in most cases, it isn’t.  Having our skilled technicians troubleshoot the problem is a good first step.  After that, if they find that there is more involved than your money is worth, we will work together with you to find the best solution.  Engine repair and replacement is a very expensive option for you and us.  So, we will do what we can from our end to make it hurt a lot less! 

On the Other Hand

You may be looking for a shop that can help you fix up that old car that is near and dear to you, or you need some help with that project car that has been sitting.  Take the cover off of it and send it to us.  If you are building something special or just want to get your daily driver back on the road… A&G has a solution for you.

Let A&G Auto Service and Repair help you find a solution to this issue.  This is what we do.  Beyond the mechanical aspect, we want nothing more than your safety and satisfaction.  Call us today to discuss a solution.