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Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

One of the most frustrating areas of auto mechanics is troubleshooting Electrical System issues.   A&G Auto Service and Repair has the latest in high tech service equipment in the area.  But we also have some of the most talented minds working with that technology.  Troubleshooting electrical issues can be tricky, even with the latest tools.  Experience is a vital ingredient when it comes to finding a hidden problem.  There are literally miles of wires that connect everything that needs power to the proper source.  Sometimes the problem is obvious, other times not so obvious. 

What is the Electrical System in my vehicle?

This system starts at the battery in every vehicle.  The battery sends power to every area that requires it, either directly or by means of one of many control modules.  The control modules send signals back and forth through a complex highway of wires all throughout the vehicle.  This lets smart control components in the electrical system to recognize what is happening everywhere in the vehicle, and use that information to control isolated jobs.

 How Do I Know If My Car Has Electrical Problems?

With as much technology in modern vehicles today, electrical problems are eventually going to pop up.  Some issues are permanent.  These are the easiest to troubleshoot, because the problem remains present until the issue is resolved.  For example, your car won’t start, the headlights won’t come on, or the engine may not be hitting on all cylinders, or the radio doesn’t work anymore. 

Sometimes the electrical problem is intermittent.  This type of electrical issue is much more difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot and remedy, because the problem will appear, then disappear without any warning.  Knowing your vehicle is a great way to know when it’s acting weird

I Have Tools, I Can Do This Myself

Check your fuse panels.  Some cars have multiple locations.  That’s the best place to start.  Sometimes, that is where the problem is found and resolved.  With older vehicles, dirty connectors and visible wire damage may also fix the problem.  However, in most newer vehicles, the electrical system is so complex that you may want to leave it to a professional.  At A&G Auto Service and Repair, we have the electrical system troubleshooting experts.  Come in and talk to us.  Maybe it is something simple.  If it isn’t, we will find the best solution for you.