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Alternator Repair Service

Are you in need of alternator repair services? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive electrical check that evaluates the health of your car, truck, or SUV alternator, your starter, and your battery.

The alternator charges the battery and generates power for the electrical components of a vehicle. Things like the interior and exterior lights, the instrument panel, and other electrical items require the alternator to work properly. Here are a few signs of a faulty alternator:

  • If your vehicle is fuel injected and suddenly stalls while you are driving. Fuel injection requires a lot of electrical power to maintain consistent fuel delivery. If the flow slows or quits, your car will stall.
  • Check Engine light is on? Let us check this for you. Most newer vehicles have a code reader port.
  • If any of your lights are dim, you may need to check the alternator.
  • Whining or buzzing noise coming from the alternator, or grinding noise coming from the pulleys.

Your alternator is one component of the charging system. The system includes the alternator, the voltage regulator, and the battery. Without any one of these three not working properly, you will experience electrical issues or complete system failure.

Brooksville Alternator Repair Services

A & G Auto Service and Repair will check the electrical components of your vehicle to ensure that they are functioning properly. For an efficient and cost-effective alternator repair, let our experts be the ones you call to determine a dead battery from a bad alternator.